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While extensive coaching and mentoring occurs during all of our formal engagements, sometimes circumstances warrant more one-on-one interaction. Our consultants are available for management coaching and mentoring during any phase of your project or process improvement. Rather than providing canned advice, we seek to understand your unique circumstances before providing guidance and assistance through the more difficult parts of your process improvement projects. Our coaches, sometimes referred to as Rent-A-Black Belt, can play a critical role in leveraging your training investment by yielding more consistent results quickly. For example, we can help recognize opportunities; properly scope projects; plan and manage deployment; provide statistical interpretations; provide insights as well as mentor and encourage your champions, project leaders, green belts and black belts.

Coaching expertise is available to you and your organization in a variety of forms. Coaches are available to work on-site any day or time of the week, which is great when you have operations running 24/7.  Coaches are also available remotely via email or phone (9 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday Eastern Standard Time).  For international clients, coaches are available at other times by appointment.  Clients seeking assistance via email or phone can expect responses within 24 hours. In addition, you control the amount and type of coaching provided based on your project needs.

An organization interested in coaching should read the fee structure below, download an electronic copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), fill in the MoU with the relevant details and sign two copies, then send the two copies of the MoU along with your company's non-disclosure agreement (if applicable) to:

4243 Lakeville Road
Suite 2, #200
Geneseo, NY 14454

Upon receipt, we'll review and sign the MoUs, sending one copy back for your records.  The MoU does not obligate you to use our services but rather clearly defines (1) the fee structure as described here, (2) our obligations to you (our client) and (3) our expectations of you so that we can most effectively assist you.  Unlike some firms, we do not ask you to sign an exclusive agreement stating you'll only use us.  We believe that you will want to retain us because we deliver great coaching, consulting, training and services.

For the cost of lunch or dinner, you can seek the advice of one of our highly trained coaches.  This test drive allows you an opportunity to interact with your coach in a low risk, low cost environment.  You can take advantage of this free consultation twice, giving you an opportunity to seek expert advice concerning your unique situation.  Lunches are scheduled from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm whereas a dinner consultation is scheduled from 5:30-7:30 pm. To take a test drive, contact Dr. Jack Cook at 585.414.7334.  This offer is restricted to within 60 miles of Rochester, NY.

Fees include a per-hour or per-day charge for coaching individuals or groups, a travel charge, and travel expenses.  The fees below apply to organizations who have signed a memorandum of understanding and are applicable for a period of one year.  For those who do not have a signed memorandum of understanding, these fees are subject to change without notice.  Payment is expected within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice.  Also, time is billed in 15 minute increments once the minimum amount of time has been reached.

Individuals -- Individual coaching charges occur when we interact with three or fewer individuals. If you travel to our office, then an hourly rate of $80 is applicable (minimum 1 hour is billed). If we travel to your office, then an hourly rate of $125 is applicable (minimum of 2 hours per visit is billed). Phone or email consultations are billed at $80 per hour to research and respond to questions (minimum charge of $20 per communication). If the time to research and respond requires more than two hours of effort, you will be informed of that before work begins. Emails containing business advice or specific questions concerning projects will be charged at this rate. However, normal business communications such as those required to setup meetings or inquire about services or billing are excluded. If you have materials that will need to be reviewed once a coach arrives onsite, it is less expensive to send it ahead of time so the coach can review it before the site visit.  In this case, review of the materials will be billed at $80 per hour rather than the $125 per hour.

Groups or Project Improvement Teams -- Groups are defined to be four or more people, and process improvement teams are those collections of individuals who are charged with and accountable for specific, measurable results.  Coaching a project improvement team on actual project improvement activities is billed at an hourly rate of $175 with a two hour minimum or $1400 per day. Customized formal training using our materials is billed at a rate of $250 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours. This rate is applicable for highly customized training designed to address the specific needs of individuals or small groups.  Rates for standard training are negotiable and depend on a number of different factors.  Rights to all workshop and training materials remain the property of Certified Success unless otherwise contracted. Permission to reproduce workshop materials for use by the client's employees may be licensed for some workshops, either royalty-free or at a fee depending on the materials.

Travel Charges & Expenses -- Travel time to and from a facility will result in a charge of $50 per hour (maximum of 6 hours billed one way within the continental USA). For travel by car, in addition to coaching and travel charges, a mileage charge as defined by the IRS standard mileage rate to/from the client site will be assessed from Geneseo, NY. Mapquest (see below) will be used to determine both miles and travel time. Hence if Mapquest estimates the distance to your facility is 68 miles and travel time is estimated as 90 minutes one way then the total roundtrip expenses will be $210.52 (3 hours at $50 and 136 miles at $0.445).  If an overnight stay is required, then the client will pick up meals and lodging. Typically travel by car is restricted to within 300 miles one way. In the event air travel is required, airfare and associated ground transportation (e.g., taxis, rental car and gasoline, tolls and parking) expenses shall be reimbursed by the client in addition to lodging and meals. Reimbursement is required for actual expenses incurred both in traveling and during coaching, mentoring and consultation. Receipts for actual expenses shall be provided to the client.

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