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There's never enough time to get everything done. You can't spare the time for training but neglecting it doesn't make sense either. Lunch-and-Learn provides a training option that makes lunch an opportunity to multi-task. At its simplest, our Lunch-and-Learn program is a training event scheduled during the lunch hour. It can be a one-time occurrence or a regularly scheduled event.  Lunch may be provided at an employer's discretion or employees may bring their own.  These sessions are usually less formal, facilitating more discussion than normal training.

Typical Lunch-and-Learn programs include:

  • Skills training – how to interact with customers or software systems
  • Product training – how to better build or sell company products and services
  • Professional development – how to motivate and manage employees
  • Process improvement – how to increase productivity
  • Quality enhancement – how to reduce defects or improve customer satisfaction
  • Life skills – how to manage personal and professional chaos

These sessions typically run from one to two hours.  Lunch-and-Learn sessions are billed at a rate of $250 an hour plus travel charges and expenses if applicable.  Travel charges or expenses are not applicable for companies located within 30 miles of Geneseo, NY.  See below for an explanation of travel charges and expenses.

Lunch-and-learn should not be used to conduct training required by law or company mandated. Serious subjects such as ethics or harassment are inappropriate topics. Lunch-and-Learn should include ample time for employees to ask questions.  Hence, these sessions should be brief and focused.

If you're interested in inviting one of our trainers for a Lunch-and-Learn session, please contact our business manager, Laura Davis, at 585.415.9114 or send an email to info@certifiedsuccess.com detailing your specific needs and contact information.  In addition to Lunch-and-Learn, our trainers are available to lead thought provoking, out-of-the-box sessions or to guide and faciliatate a discussion on heated or controversial topics.