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Are you faced with constantly changing markets, products, and customer expectations? New challenges confront organizations daily. Well-trained employees are more productive, enabling them to seize opportunities more readily. In private industry, competitive markets require employees that are continuously trained. In the public sector, heightened accountability is putting pressure on managers to provide high-quality products and services at low cost. Certified Success provides a vast array of management education and training activities designed to help with these goals. We can help your management team develop detailed action plans, develop accountability, and achieve breakthrough results

Management education and training consists of a blend of lecture, case study or real-life experiences, interactive discussion, games and simulations, hands-on activities, individual exercises, and question and answer.  All of our training is designed to be interesting, engaging, enjoyable, relevant, challenging and most importantly, practical. Nationally, regionally, locally -- we take our services to you. 

On-Site Training -- Simply sending employees to training does not ensure they will apply what they have learned. However, training on-site helps reinforce the importance that training must ultimately help improve performance. Training at your facility can assist employees "talk the same talk" by providing a common vocabulary and knowledge base. Our trainers can present any of our courses on-site. By bringing courses in house, management demonstrates to participants how important this education is to the company. On-site training offers convenient, customized and cost-effective solutions.  Other benefits include:

  • Value
    • Cost-effective - eliminates lodging, travel expenses, travel time, and receive instructional discounts
    • Immediate benefits - instantly apply concepts covered in the course to improve performance
  • Professional
    • content continually reviewed, incorporating the latest best practices
    • participants earn re-certification (CPE) points
  • Flexible
    • courses can be customized to address your business needs
    • schedule training at times that best fits your work schedules